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Supplier of spices, herbs and aromatic seeds in the food industry


Our Company

SPICEDESK is an innovative, reliable and competitive supplier of spices, herbs and aromatic seeds in the food industry. We cooperate with our suppliers and customers on a confidential, flexible and honest way and serve our customers quality products at their needs. 

We started in 2012 our business, in cooperation with a well-known processor from the Netherlands. They have over 40 years’ experience in processing spices, aromatic seeds and dehydrated vegetables. We extend our business and product portfolio throughout the years. Due selected suppliers, we can deliver quality products and with our in-house processes like, spiral cleaning, sterilisation, braking, grinding and mixing, we have good control on the supply chain and can deliver our products to the standards our customer requires.


As Spicedesk we deal with a wide variety of different spices and aromatic seeds from different origins. We can supply products in both whole and in-house processed qualities to meet all specific requirements.

We closely follow the overall processes by which we can offer all the guarantees our customers require.


Sustainable and socially responsible business practices are an essential part of our business. Our customers must be able to rely on our promises. At SPICEDESK, we focus on maintaining the continuity, quality and food safety of our products. 

To guarantee this, we have implemented the IFS standard in our company. We purchase our products from selected suppliers, so that the following topics, such as food safety, food fraud, food defence and ethical responsibility, are well controlled. 

All incoming and outgoing products are analysed by accredited laboratories who check and ensure our products meet EU regulations and as well the required specifications. 

Every outgoing batch has a specific number. In this way, we can trace precisely all related information per batch. 


We’re glad that we contained our certification at higher level. This expresses confidence and shows that we have quality in order.

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